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006: Edison, NJ Chiropractor Speaks The Truth About Vaccine Safety, Jimmy Kimmel and Informed Choice with Dr. Susan Mitchell

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FYI, SB 1410 has been assigned to Senate Executive Committee. 1.Yes, you are contacting all members of the Senate Executive Committee, even if they are not your Senator. 2. Include your contact info with the letter or email. 3. The subject matter is SB 1410 SCH CD-IMMUNIZATION EXEMPTION 4. Please be courteous, most of the […]

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Del Mar Mom Frustrated Family Got Whooping Cough After Vaccinating

January 12, 2015 A Del Mar mother of two thought she did everything she could to keep her kids healthy. After vaccinating her two young sons, Preston and Parker, Jackie Combs and her sons came down with whooping cough. It’s especially scary for Parker, who’s 6 months old — an age when whooping cough can […]

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