How Pharmaceutical Companies Alter the Media (a short presentation by journalist Sharyl Attkinson)

Understanding what you’re reading and why parents are confused about vaccines

Reading into an article. An example.
Combined MMR increases seizure risk.

Here is a prime example of media “slanting” the story towards the positives of vaccines. They regularly claim that Measles was eradicated. The year they claim it was eradicated, there were 89 measles cases in the United States. How was it eradicated then?
They fail to mention here that vaccines can, and sometimes do, cause life-long seizure disorder.

Note that the U.S. does not offer separate MMR vaccines, nor does the UK.

Note that under the photo it states a 2 in 10,000 chance, but in the article the rate is 3.6 in 10,000. Getting hit by lightning is 1 in 10,000.

The “record resurgence” has not increased measles rates in those “pocket areas.” The majority of measles cases are in the fully vaccinated. As you can see here:, cases go up and down every few years – it’s cyclical. Meanwhile, the United States was recorded to have the highest vaccination rate in history – which has consistently gone up from 1980 to 2012 (when it was last recorded).

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