SV40 Contaminated Polio Vaccine may cause cancer

Polio Vaccine in the 1960s contaminated with SV-40, which may cause cancer/ tumors

Polio in America (4 cases in 2005 within an Amish community, no paralysis)
“the infections were traced to an oral vaccine that was administered in another country, probably within the past three years. The use of oral polio vaccine containing the live virus was stopped in the United States in 2000. The live-virus vaccine caused an average of eight cases of polio a year in the United States. State and federal officials are investigating how an infection from a vaccine given in another country reached Minnesota. Stool or saliva from an infected person can transmit the virus.None of the [four] children have shown any symptoms of the paralyzing disease. About one in 200 people who contract the polio virus suffer [temporary] paralysis because of it; others typically rid themselves the virus after weeks or months.”

About Polio by Dr. Suzanne Humphries (video)