Measles Shmeasles – Comparing Measles to the Risks of the MMR Vaccine

Why Japan banned the MMR Vaccine


Measles: 14 Things to Consider

Measles Vaccine Overview

(covers Atypical Measles, Only in the Vaccinated; Placentally Transmitted Immunity; Cholesterol Issues; Benefits of Natural Measles Immunity; Measles for Anti-Cancer Therapy;)  

When given before 36 months of age, the MMR increases risk of Autism by 340% for African American boys it increases by 680%.

Benefits of Catching Measles

Part I: The Ineffectiveness of Measles Vaccines and Other Unintended Consequences, By Viera Scheibner, MD

Part II: The Benefits of Contracting Measles:

Case Reporting – Few Cases are Actually Reported

Measles Outbreak: 70% Vaccinated

Herd Immunity Doesn’t work:

The Herd Immunity Myth and Why It Pits Parents Against Parents:

Measles and Herd Immunity, an Immunologist analysis of an Outbreak: