Pneumococcal Vaccine Facts


Hib Outbreak in Fully Vaccinated Daycare

VAERS Reports Adverse Reactions for Hib Vaccination; 51% of Deaths Reported as “SIDS”

Hib Vaccination Did Not Decrease Cases of Hib
“A higher proportion of cases was reported to have occurred within the first two months after vaccination, with 10 cases occurring within 72 hours of vaccination. Vaccination did not alter the expected frequencies of the different clinical entities associated with invasive H. influenzae disease. No estimates of clinical efficacy are possible based on the adverse events submitted to the Food and Drug Administration.”

Hib overall vaccine effectiveness was 57.6%. Effectiveness was higher in children vaccinated at >1 year of age, compared with those vaccinated during infancy. Estimated effectiveness declined beginning 2 years after vaccination, and the decline was marked in those immunized in infancy.
This decline correlates with low antibody levels observed in preschool children [7] and suggests that the immunological memory demonstrated in UK infants aged 1 year [10] may not be sufficient to provide long-term protection to all children


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