My daughter’s recovery from Autism Spectrum Disorder, caused by Vaccine Damage was a 2-year process. A long road to recovery with a happy ending. What I thought was impossible happened to us, and since that miraculous experience, I’ve learned it has also happened to hundreds if not thousands of other vaccine injured children.was possible to actually have whooping cough, so for three months I continued to work and socialize.

At 6 months old, before regression

At 6 months old, before regression

My daughter Vienna’s Vaccine Schedule

In 2009, I asked a friend who chose not to vaccinate why they made that decision. She said her husband believed that his Aspberger’s Syndrome was caused by vaccines, and she told me to read the Dr. Sears’ book “The Vaccine Book.” The book actually gave me some assurances that vaccines were relatively safe and vaccine injuries were rare. I was a scared new mom, so of course I wanted the best for my child and thought a delayed vaccine schedule based on Dr. Sears’ recommendations would be the safest route to take. My daughter Vienna was born on October 22, 2009. She got her Hepatitis B vaccine at birth, then we started one or two shots at a time starting at 2 months. The schedule as we had it: 2 month, 4 month, and 6 month shots separated out over 9 1/2 months. She received Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio) on 1/8/10, 3/2/10, 6/11/10, and 5/3/11. She received Rotavirus and Pneumonia (PC) in between those appointments and the remaining two doses of Hepatitis B thrown in there too (I had been lied to about how Hepatitis was transmitted so I thought it was important).  Thankfully, we “postponed” all the one year shots with the exception of one Pentacel at 17 months old. At Vienna’s 17 month appointment, the nurse attempted to write in the “grey” area of her vaccination card to give her another Pneumonia shot, but I caught it and asked why she was giving an unnecessary shot. Her response was “well, it can’t hurt.”


Warning Signs and Regression

22months, smiles were few, eye contact nonexistent
22months, smiles were few, eye contact nonexistent

Like most parents, we lacked a good understanding of vaccine science while we were still vaccinating our children. I believed a vaccine reaction would occur immediately following a vaccine, and Vienna had colic, so that blurred our ability to see any concerning symptoms from vaccines early on. We thought she was fine. I once wrote how piercing her stare was at 6 weeks old, looking me directly in the eyes at 6 weeks. I remember at nine months she was a happy baby with lots of smiles and eye contact, she was developmentally on-target, and had a growing vocabulary.

It was after Vienna received her DTaP and PC vaccines at 9 1/2 months old that my concern began to grow. Within about two weeks, she suffered from eczema rashes that the pediatrician told us were “normal” and we were told there was nothing we could do about it. Vienna would no longer allow us to touch her head and would scream and fight us (the first sign we experienced of Sensory Processing Disorder). She also lost half her language.  She had about 8 – 10 words and was down to about four. The pediatrician assured us that this was “normal while a child is working on other skills, like walking.” Well, she didn’t learn any new skills, she didn’t learn to walk until 14 months old, and she didn’t relearn those lost words and gain new words until many months later. Her eye contact and smiling were far less frequent following the 9 month vaccines. I remember at the time I blamed myself, thinking maybe my own eye contact isn’t great? We went against the Pediatrician’s recommendations to see an allergist about her eczema (she refused to give us a referral), and while Vienna showed no “allergies” on the basic 20-or-so he tested for, he did recommend we keep a food diary. It took us a long time to realize what the root cause was because we ruled out all foods she was eating prior to the eczema… that oversight set us back a year with the food diary! Evidently, the vaccines caused an exaggerated autoimmune response which caused food intolerances to foods she had already been eating, and it showed as eczema. Eczema, by the way, is now considered an autoimmune disorder.

At around a year and a half I remember getting very worried about Vienna’s development. She smiled much less, her lack of eye contact disappeared, her language had not caught up yet, she began to show extreme social anxiety, and when we had changes in routine she would have hour-long meltdowns every day. I blamed it on having a new baby sister at first, but then I learned about the fourth round of Pentacel she received at 19 months old, a week before her sister Jayde’s birth. I distinctly remember after returning from maternity leave I was finally concerned enough to ask colleagues who also worked in child development and behavioral health, about Vienna’s regression. For the most part, no one knew anything about it (later I’d find that had I asked someone who worked with autism, they would’ve known exactly what I was talking about, as the autism community is very aware of the effects vaccines have on development). We soon had Vienna evaluated for ADHD and were told she didn’t have it, but I continued to tell my husband something was wrong, and I didn’t know what.

Through all of this I still continued to research vaccines, even if I didn’t believe at the time that they were the root cause to everything we were experiencing. We were even more selective and delayed in our vaccine schedule with Jayde’s vaccines. The one big red flag that brought the problems to my attention was that Jayde broke out into eczema after her second DTaP shot (she did not receive Pentacel, she had received two DTaP, 2 PC and 2 Rotavirus in infanthood). I realized that neither of my kids had suffered eczema until the weeks following their second and third DTaP shots, which I found a very strange “coincidence.” See, according to modern medical doctors, everything vaccine-related is “coincidence” or “anecdotal evidence.” (Even if 10,000 children have suffered the same reaction, and even if it’s listed on the package insert). We stopped vaccinating them both after that, and Jayde’s eczema went away in about 6- 8 weeks.

20130225_150132Meanwhile, Vienna still suffered. She was two and a half to three years old when her behaviors became clearer and it all came together. We saw a pediatrician around her third birthday who suggested it was Aspbegers and to get getting a proper diagnosis. It hit me like a brick wall… my professional experience in behavioral health came together with my daughter’s life and I finally knew what had happened! All the pieces fit, the timeline fit, everything fit, and the more I researched vaccines the more it made sense. And like any mother who makes what they believe is the best choice for their child, but finds that it has damaged them instead, deep regret set in.

Why didn’t I do a better job of researching? Why did I only rely on one source of information? Why didn’t I do a better job of questioning my Autism Mom friends? How could I be so naive to believe reactions were really only one in a million when I personally knew four people who suffered “vaccine damage”? How could I be so naive to think that since my family had no history of autism, autoimmune disease, or gut issues, that my kids would just magically be okay and free from vaccine damage? How could I be so misled?


So the answer to the big question… how did our child recover from Regressive Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Eczema? As I’ve recently learned, hundreds of other children have recovered from ASD through various therapies, but I didn’t know all this at the time, I was fumbling in the dark. My oldest daughter’s sensitivities to processed foods forced us into a whole foods, organic diet when she was 1 1/2.  Any foods with the word “artificial” in it would worsen her eczema. We also removed foods high in salicylates, such as berries, tangerines and tomatoes. I gave Zaria Milk Thistle to help detox her liver, and daily yogurt or probiotics. By the age of 2 1/2, I had learned about heavy metals in vaccines and began daily Spirulina and Chlorella to help remove heavy metals from the vaccines. I didn’t realize that the curry with cilantro that was a staple in our diet was naturally detoxing the heavy metals as well.

(Warning: I have recently learned that the heavy metal detox we did with Chlorella and Spirulina could potentially cause more damage due to unknown half-life, moving heavy metals through the body and resting in other places. Right before we saw the full recovery her symptoms got dramatically worse and this may be why. Please research before you do your own Chelation.)

Age 4, recovered

Age 4, recovered

When we were on the brink of that Aspberger’s diagnosis around her third birthday, I researched Autism Spectrum and filled out the paperwork for diagnosis and therapies, but due to her Sensory Processing issues I was unable to actually get her to the appointments. She was refusing to wear clothes and the seat belt would put her into a full-on meltdown. I literally could not drive her anywhere. She was in so much agony it hurt me to watch her suffer. But soon a miracle would happen… Between the age of 27 and 29 months old, her eczema went away; her sensory processing disorder improved; she began to look us in the eye; she began to play pretend with stuffed animals; she became more affectionate; she was healing… Our child was actually healing from autism spectrum disorder!!

I was in shock, absolute shock, that she fully recovered. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced, watching her become a “normal” child in front of my eyes! I attended a seminar with Dr. Mitchell and I was in near tears when I asked “why, how can my child recover from EVERYTHING all at once? How can all of this be related and all of her medical and behavioral problems heal at the same time?” Most doctors come back with “she never had the disorder” or “a miracle, but it’s not the vaccines.” At least Dr. Mitchell was brave enough to say what every other doctor is afraid to say… simply, “I don’t know.” Science doesn’t have the answer. So if you’re reading this looking for the “why,” know that the best and the brightest scientists in the world are, right now, arguing over this very topic.

What we do know is that vaccines caused our daughter’s problems, and she has since recovered. At 5 years old she is social, bright, and developmentally appropriate. No one would ever suspect she was, at one time, suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. To me it was a miracle. Not a day goes by that I don’t wonder how Vienna would be suffering had we continued to vaccinate.  Not a day goes by that I am not thankful for her recovery..

One thing I will never regret is our decision to stop vaccinating our family.

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