SIDS and Infant Vaccines  (Released in January 2015)
one must conclude that Infanrix hexa vaccine could have been responsible for at least 69 deaths.These are all deaths within a small window period (of 3 weeks) after a catastrophic event which has been investigated thoroughly (forensic investigation of sudden unexpected deaths – SIDS/SUDS), therefor ascertainment bias is unlikely to have played a major role.”

Infant mortality and autism rates compared to the vaccine schedule
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This article has a good explanation of the study below (Green Med Info)
Unexplained cases of sudden infant death shortly after hexavalent vaccination
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Vaccine induced encephalitis to blame for “shaken baby syndrome” diagnosis some of the time. “In addition to this, retinal hemorrhages have been attributed to a vast array of causes, including MMR and DTP vaccines.(21)…It is noteworthy that vaccines such as pertussis are used to induce allergic encephalomyelitis in laboratory animals.(22) This is characterized by brain swelling and hemorrhaging similar to that caused by mechanical injuries.(23)”

Adverse Events of Pertussis and Rubella vaccines: Evidence Concerning Pertussis Vaccines and Deaths Classified as SIDS. This article discusses the history of SIDS and DPT as well as more current practices.

Premature Infants Vaccinated and Incidence of Sepsis and Intubation

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SIDS after hexavalent vaccine

Infant mortality and vaccine schedule…/pdf/envhper00326-0221.pdf

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